- Ryohei Otsuka

I am a marketing student at Meiji university, located in Tokyo, Japan. I began my internship in August 2019 and worked one month. I had so many great experiences with SWARS International. I was mainly responsible for website development. Although it was not my field, I tried hard because I thought that was a good opportunity to improve myself. I was finally able to gain not only website development knowledge, but also other IT skills. Additionally, I was able to work with people from all over the world and learn about different cultures. I highly recommend that you participate to this internship program.

- Shota Takigami

I am Shota Takigami studying Global Business in Meiji university in Japan. I had a great experience in SWARS International during August. As this was the first time for me to go abroad and do internship and I was poor at acting independently, I had no idea what I should do. I tried to move actively and think of some idea through this internship, and it was exciting. I could gain a little confidence to use English, because supervisor and coworkers told me clearly and made me relax. I feel I could improve myself by involving in real work; creating business plan and making excel sheets, and be interested in working abroad still more. Internship will help you to recognize and avoid mismatch after you get real work, and will give you great learning experience to improve yourself. It is valuable to do internship overseas.

- Devan Hayden

It is a pleasure working at SWARS for an internship. Everyone here is very nice and was a great experience coming from America.

- William Wooyun Kim

I was in my final year studying a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Commerce at UNSW when I got familiar with SWARS International. I feel I was able to learn a lot from my 3 months internship program at the company. Because I was given a lot of trust and responsibilities and was leading projects not long after joining them.There was a wide range of projects from different industries, such as railway, residential housing and even hospitality. Tasks were well allocated amongst our team who had a wide range of engineering backgrounds.Internships are a great learning experience as long as you have the right attitude.

- Shawn Yuan

I am a final year postgraduate student in USYD. I experienced a great internship time with SWARS International engineering group. I was given real project and responsibility to promote my capability and I was leading projects not long after joining them. tasks involved not only in civil fields, but also electrical, structural and project management field. I was assigned work as administration and project management. Colleagues and supervisor have helped me throughout the project to deal with the difficulty; and the challenging project really promote my engineering and communication capabilities. Also, getting involved in real work and producing value for business could encourage the confidence. It is worth-well to have an internship here.

- Henry Saturno

I am Henry Saturno studying Mechanical Engineering. My experience was great because the company and team is very accommodating and professional. The internship helped me a lot to fit myself in the country not only in the field of engineering but also in the culture. The company exposure with the client will enhance your confidence as a project engineer, Internship will give you the exact experience as a full time engineer(employee) all you need is to absorb any knowledges and learnings that will be very useful on your career. Besides, for me, Sydney is the most amazing and liveable city in the world. So living there is amazing!

- Victoria Tillman

Hello my name is Victoria Tillman and I am a Mechanical Engineering student at Texas Tech University, located in Lubbock, Texas. I am currently a senior and I believe my experience with SWARS International really boosted my engineering career. I began my internship in June 2016 and worked two months. I was able to gain a wide variety of engineering experiences. I was able to deal with clients first hand, and learn about day-to-day engineering operations. I got to go with clients to potential job sites and preexisting sites to discuss concerns the had regarding the projects.

Another fantastic task I was given was to coordinate site visits. This way other interns and I could go to job sites that were currently being constructed, and get first hand experiences in seeing how engineering operations were carried out during the construction phase of our projects. In addition to this I was able to acquire skills relating to project management.

These abilities that I have obtained through the course of my internship have given me the boost that I need in order to progress a a professional engineer. Lastly, I would like to mention that my time spent in Sydney, Australia was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I was able to be immersed in a unique culture, as well as participate in new and exciting experiences. My time spent with this company was an amazing addition to not only my engineering knowledge, but also to my cultural understanding of different countries. I was able to work with people from all over the world and learn about different cultures. To any student thinking about interning here I would suggest to work hard and to enjoy your time.

- Tristen Wilson

My name is Tristen Wilson, and I am studying Industrial Engineering at the University of Florida. My experience at SWARS International was one of learning, development, and adaptability. I began my internship in September 2019, and it lasted until November 2019. In this time, I was able to work alongside many professional engineers and provide assistance with contract administration and project management. I attended site visits to the different projects underway throughout Sydney and helped to analyze and provide feedback on them. My time spent in Sydney has been amazing, and I have grown to love this city so much. Everyone around the office was very helpful in telling me the best places to go around here. This experience has been a great opportunity and taught me much about who I want to be as a professional.

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