SWARS skills extend to our clients includes:

  • Engineering, Feasibility Studies and Design.
  • Finance management and project accounting.
  • Project Tendering & Documentation.
  • Project execution.
  • Project Studies – Performing engineering studies necessary to define scope of a project, evaluating alternatives and preparing budget type estimates based on clients specified requirements.
  • Process Evaluation – Performing technical and economical studies necessary to evaluate various processes and to assist clients in selecting the best scheme.
  • Decision making analysis - Provides a framework and methodology for rational decision making when the outcomes are uncertain.
  • Value engineering.
  • Procurement Services: Including inquiry, quotation analysis, review of vendor and subcontractor recommendations, purchase orders, inspection and expediting material delivery.
  • Construction Site Supervision – Coordination and supervision of all phases of construction, from site preparation through mechanical completion, by experienced construction supervision engineers.

Quality & Safety System

SWARS has a quality system that conforms to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 – model for quality assurance in design/development, production, installation and servicing with appropriate design sub-elements to AS3901.  SWARS has completed and received third party certification of its Quality System For safety in the work place SWARS follow Relevant Australian standards to ensure occupational health, safety and rehabilitation in the construction industry and risk management standards to apply risk management in work place, to manage risk associated with the work place - Please see Appendix A.

"Safety first" and "no harm to people no damage to equipment" are more than just company slogans for SWARS, they represent what we believe in. We are very proud to announce that we have no accident and no hidden cost in our history.

SWARS stays informed and up-to-date on regulation changes, standards and procedures by communicating closely with legislation and standardization bodies.

Project Management

SWARS Professionals performs a detailed analysis of the requirements of each project to develop the most economical and practical solution to the client’s requirements in terms of cost and quality, making a difference at the bottom line.

A project specific team is created utilising the full range of skills and sector experience available & focused on constructive solutions. Due to our client-centered approach many of our clients stay with us, year after year, despite increasing competition.

Our focus is firmly on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and continuously improving the quality of our services for our clients.

SWARS recognises trading in a global market and has developed a network of offices with reflects this global challenge, and we are continuing to extend our reach, so that we can maintain our quality of service for you on every continent.

We have created international teams, which draw on a wide range of design, construction and project management skills and experience.

SWARS Project Management - Providing effective project control including scheduling by means of critical path method, cost control, material control, quality control and man-hour control through assignment of experienced project management team.

SWARS Project Managing Contractor (MC)- Managing and coordinating construction activities wherever several contractors are involved in implementation of major project.

Our Staff has professional experience from across the world, creating skilled teams focused on the specific needs of different industry and business sectors. Thus, we have handled Residential & commercial buildings, Schools and University projects in  Australia, Indonesia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates - Dubai and Kuwait.

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