• Al Barari Residential Complex
    Al Barari Residential Complex
    Dubai(United Arab Emirates) - Supervised by our Director Mr.Mirza Siddq with Mace International Group England
  • Multi storey building
    Multi storey building
    Jakarta (Indonesia) - Supervised by our Director Mr.Mirza Siddq
  • Dental Clinic with ARMDC
    Dental Clinic with ARMDC
    Ekera Medical 2-4 Brett Street, Revesby - Designed by our architect
  • Two Storey House
    Two Storey House
    6 Highfield CrescentStrathfield - Design, Construct and Project management by SWARS International, Ongoing
Mirza Siddiq

Mirza Siddiq


SWARS International Pty Ltd was formed and established in 2008 in Australia as Consulting Engineers and Project Managers. We have extensive experience relating to infrastructure development, building works, civil engineering and electrical mechanical environment as well as railway, bridge, and solar project and is well placed to provide a broad range of skills necessary for any major development. These skills extend to include design, construct, project management and documentation.

SWARS International has joint ventures with:

  • Buildworks Construction Pty Ltd
  • K.J.McCracken Pty Ltd
  • Yantron Building Services
  • M.D.G Builder
  • Technik Haus Architects
  • MLEI Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd (Adelaide based Company)

High quality

SWARS International has a quality system that conforms to AS/NZS ISO 9002 with appropriate design sub-elements to AS3901 (November 2005).

SWARS International Consulting Engineers has completed and received third party certification of its Quality System. A copy of our Certificate of Conformity and its accompanying Schedule “A” are enclosed.

Wide experience

SWARS International Consulting Engineers has been trading for over 20 years. This means accumulated years of experience across a wide range of diverse markets, building, highway, developing facility maintanance plan to railways.

Using our experience from across the world, we are able to create skilled teams focused on the specific needs of different industry and business sectors. Thus, for example we have handled building School and University projects in countries in disparate as Australia, Indonesia, South Korea and Dubai.

For our customers

For each project, our initial programmed of research and analysis enables us to develop a thorough understanding of your needs into sharp focus. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to make a real difference to the bottom line. A tailor-made teams is then created for each job. Utilizing the full range of skills and sector experience we have available. This team is focused on providing constructive solutions, not on writing reports.

Our client-centered approach means that despite increasing competition, many of our clients stay with us, year after year. However, we are not looking backwards. Our focus is firmly on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for us and for you and your organization.

For the global market

We recognize that you trade in a global market. SWARS International Consulting Engineers has developed a network of offices with reflects this global challenge, and we are continuing to extend our reach, so that we can maintain our quality of service for you on every continent.

We have created international teams, which draw on a wide range of design, construction and project management skills and experience.

Our Location

SWARS International Pty Ltd.


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